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Thursday, January 08, 2009

MIDDLE EAST PEACE: It would be better to work out a deal

I REFER to calls by some Ma-laysians to boycott American goods and to stop using the US dollar. How will this solve the problem in the Middle East ?

Have we forgotten that it was the United States that created and protected Kosovo, a Muslim-majority nation in Europe? Could any Arab country have achieved such a feat? It is time for the international community to find a solution to the sufferings of Palestinians.

Each time there is a conflict there, we hear the same cries of boycotts, resolutions, demonstrations and press releases from the United Nations and politicians.

Once the conflict ends, everyone returns to whatever he was doing and forgets about it until the next blow-up.

While our hearts cry out for the children and other victims, the Arabs and the Palestinians must ask themselves honest questions.
What is the point of provoking Israel, knowing that they do not have a ghost of a chance of defeating it? How has the recent firing of rockets, which cannot even find or reach their targets, strengthened their position?

Until and unless they can match Israel's military might, it is in the interests of their people that the Palestinian leadership negotiate the best deal that they can, given that most of the world powers are on the side of Israel.

They should then build up their economy and provide education and health facilities for their people. This next generation will be in a better position to fight for their rights.

Now the children and youth are being wasted and in war, their misfortune becomes propaganda material.

No Arab nation has come to their help since the Six-Day War in 1967 when the Arabs were humiliated in battle, and none is capable of doing so today, as a number of them rely on US financial and military help for their survival.

Neither Hamas nor Hiz-bollah can bring peace or relief to Palestinians by their firing of rockets. Lebanon was almost destroyed three years ago as a consequence of the firing of such rockets by Hizbollah.

I pray that common sense will prevail and the sufferings of the Palestinians will be brought to an end.